Multicore MM02254 SAC305/97SC HydroX .022 Wire Solder

SAC305/97SC HydroX .022 Wire Solder

SAC305/97SC HydroX .022 Wire Solder



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Wire Solder - SAC305
97SC Wire Solder, HX Flux, 3 Core, Diameter .022" (0.56mm)
Priced and sold per roll of .25 kg (.5 lb)

Product Specifications:
Flux Type: Hydro-X
Alloy: 97SC/SAC305 (96.5% Sn / 3% Sn / 0.5% Cu)
Melting Point: 217º C (422º F)
Core: 3
Diameter: 0.56 mm / 0.022"
Lead-Free (RoHS) or Includes Lead: Lead Free (RoHS)

Hydro-X Water Soluble Flux Cored Solder Wire Properties:
• Rapid soldering of most difficult to solder parts
• Fast wetting
• Water washable, no need for added neutralisers
• No insoluble residues
• No spitting
• Residues must be removed

Hydro-X water soluble flux cored solder wires are suitable for use in normal hand soldering operations where the components have been assessed as being able to withstand the necessary washing procedures.

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Henkel/Multicore/Loctite manufactures high quality metals, materials and alloys. SN63 leaded and SAC305 lead-free is available in Solder Bar, Solder Paste and Solder Wire.
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