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ESD Form-Fitting Glove, Large

Desco 68122/Pemro # DES-1669

$5.64 $5.61/ea

In stock

Ionizer, Blower, Bench, 120VAC

Desco 19500/Pemro # DES-1535

$755.51 $732.63/ea

Ionizer, Blower, Bench, 220VAC

Desco 19520/Pemro # DES-1536

$832.73 $807.49/ea

Controller, Hand Gun with Hose, 120VAC

Desco 19587/Pemro # DES-1537

$1,108.37 $1,074.79/ea

Controller, Hand Gun with Hose, 220VAC

Desco 19588/Pemro # DES-1538

$1,217.96 $1,181.05/ea

Chargebuster 120V Ion Gun

Desco 19590/Pemro # DES-2147


In-Line Ion Gun Replacement Filter, 3Pk

Desco 19591/Pemro # DES-2155

$168.90 $163.78/ea

ESD Tape Dispenser, 2"

Desco 81282/Pemro # DES-2179

$137.98 $133.79/ea

Benchtop Ionizer, High Output, 120VAC

Desco 60505/Pemro # DES-2190

$654.33 $634.50/ea

Chargebuster Ion Gun Foot Switch

Desco 19592/Pemro # DES-2425

$112.04 $108.64/ea