70% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes Kit Includes one full 7600 canister with three refill rolls

  • Manufacturer: ACL Staticide
  • Model # 7630
  • Pemro # ACL-1265
  • $65.00 $ 59.32/each
  • Available to Order

ACL Staticide® IPA Cleaning Wipes are an essential work bench companion for the removal of solder pastes, inks, adhesives, and flux residues. Packaged in a convenient dispensing canister, these presaturated towel are safe for plastics and metals and suitable for the cleansing of printed circuit boards, hardline coax cables,and for restoring automatic and semi-automatic printer stencils to a spotless state.

• Removes oil, grease, ionic, and non-ionic residues
• Towel size: 5 x 8 inch perforated wipe
• 54% cellulose/ 46% polyester hydroentangled low-lint fabric
• 70% high-purity electronics-grade isopropyl alcohol and 30% deionized water
• RoHS Compliant