Staticide® Nitrile ESD Gloves, 9" XL Pack of 100

  • Manufacturer: ACL Staticide
  • Category: Nitrile
  • Model # GL9NI-XL
  • Pemro # ACL-1240
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Minimum order quantity is 5

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9" Gloves, 100 gloves per pack. XL

ACL Staticide Nitrile ESD Gloves safeguard against damage caused by static discharge and contamination. The inherent anti-static, low tribocharging nature of nitrile gives natural static protection without additives or carbon shedding. As a homogeneous material, nitrile gloves offer resistance through the material and not just on the surface. For EPAs where cleanliness is a concern, these disposable gloves are manufactured without plasticizers, silicone, or powders.

When defending against skin and oil contamination, nitrile has long been a reliable alternative to latex. Nitrile is safer to use for those prone to skin irritations and latex allergies. The strength and durability provides longer wear times and chemical splash protection. For stronger chemical applications, Staticide Nitrile ESD Gloves may be doubled for added safety.

  • Powder-free / ISO 5 / Class 100 Cleanroom
  • Suggested for Class II static sensitivity devices
  • Offers homogeneous resistance
  • CAFE RGP: 10e9 ohms as per ANSI/ESD SP15.1 @ 50% RH for 48 hours (average)
  • Surface Resistance: 10e11 ohms as per ANSI/ESD STM11.11 @ 10% RH for 48 hours (average)
  • Volume Resistance: 10e9 ohms as per ANSI/ESD STM11.12 @ 50% RH for 48 hours (average)
  • Consistently low particulates and extractible ion levels
  • 6 mil thickness
  • Packed in double, vacuum-sealed poly bags