Ansell 93-311-M (Pwdr-Free Nitrilite-M) Bag Of 100 Gloves

  • Manufacturer: Ansell
  • Model # 93-311-M
  • Pemro # ANS-1201
  • $ 19.50/each

Minimum order quantity is 10

Nitrilite gloves with beaded cuff and textured fingers.  Replaces the 93-112 series.  Provides superior chemical resistance and up to three times the puncture resistance of latex or vinyl gloves.  These white, powder-free are ambidextrous.  Thickness: 5 mil.  Length of glove: 12".  Applications include manufacturing, maintenance and clean up, lab analysis/technical work, intricate parts handling and handling hazmat materials.  Priced as 100 gloves per bag.

Size: medium