Brady 140736

  • Manufacturer: Brady
  • Category: Sign Accessories
  • Model # 140736
  • Pemro # BDL-2167
  • $404.99 $ 374.99/each
  • Available to Order

Safety Sign Slider Plastic Single Wall Mount, Capacity 11, 1/Each

Brady's Safety Sliders are visual communication platforms for your facility that will communicate your most important safety and awareness messages to facility visitors and employees. You ensure that you are displaying the most relevant information for your facility or area so that anyone entering that area is aware of how to keep themselves and others safe. This new system utilizes an interchange-able insert feature (signs slide in/out) so you can customize your messages specific to the area, and can make changes as needed quickly and cost-effectively.

Size: 74" H x 24" W
Color: White
Material Description: Rigid Plastic