Original Cable Lockout - Blue

  • Manufacturer: Brady
  • Model # 45191
  • Pemro # BDU-2947
  • $51.99 $ 49.99/each
  • Available to Order

Original Cable Lockout - Blue, 1/Each

Brady's original, patented cable lockout device is perfect for your difficult lockout situations such as large gate valves or oversized devices. Simply squeeze device to tighten cable, insert your padlock to secure the handle and you're done! Body is made of impact modified nylon, available in red, blue, yellow or green. Standard lockout device comes with 6' x 1/8" diameter cable. Additional 6', 8' and 10' cable are sold separately.

Size: 6' x 1/8" Diameter Cable
Color: Blue
Brady Material Number: LOTO-37
Material Description: Impact Modified Nylon
Type of Device: Disconnect Handle Lockouts