97 Series Indoor/Outdoor Number/Letters

  • Manufacturer: Brady
  • Category: Numbers & Letters
  • Model # 9713-A (97656)
  • Pemro # BDW-4381
  • $5.89 $ 5.74/each
  • Available to Order

97 Series Indoor/Outdoor Number & Letters, 10/Card

Labels are designed for permanent applications in severe indoor or outdoor environments. Special acrylic adhesive adheres strongly, making marker removal difficult. B-946 premium outdoor grade vinyl has superior abrasion resistance and strongly adhering ink system minimizes the effect of accidental scratches and scrapes. Labels are resistant to chemicals, oil, grease, water and mild solvents. Fade resistant ink offers UV protection for your outdoor applications. Black Helvetica Medium characters are printed on a white background. Stock cards are available in 3 different sizes. To order, simply select the marker size needed for your application then substitute the number or letter you need for the asterisk following the catalog number. Use the abbreviation DSH to order dashes. All sizes should be ordered by the card quantity desired.

Application: Indoor, Outdoor
Size: 1 1/2" H x 1 1/16" W
Color: Black on White
Brady Material Number: B-946
Character Height: 1"
Legend: A
Material Description: Pressure Sensitive Vinyl
Special Properties: Permanent, UV Resistance
Style: Standard
Brady Series: 97