Cond Latex Paint, Dark Gray, 1G (Disc't)

  • Manufacturer: Desco
  • Model # 10408
  • Pemro # DES-1194
  • Not available online

Discontinued...See Desco 46041 for a 5 gallon replacement

Statguard® Conductive Latex Paint - Dark Gray, One-Gallon Container

  • RTT 10E4 - 10E6 ohms per ESD-S7.1
  • Areas greater than 20 square feet do not require expensive grounding grids or wires; static charge decay: dissipates 5000 volts to zero in <0.01 seconds per FTMS 101C/4046
  • Adheres to floors, walls or wood furniture
  • Excellent wear and durability
  • Apply via rolling or spraying
  • Two coats are recommended to obtain RTT: 10E5 ohms per ANSI ESD-S7.1 RTS 10E5 ohms per ANSI ESD-S7
  • Coverage: 300-400 square feet/gallon
  • Lead-free RoHS compliant
  • Made in America

Click here for Technical Datasheet and MSDS