ESD Form-Fitting Glove, Large

  • Manufacturer: Desco
  • Model # 68122
  • Pemro # DES-1669
  • $5.61/each
  • In stock


  • Dissipative (10E5-10E8 ohms) Thunderon® Fibers.  Electrically bonds through grounded operator and produces no charge generation preventing ESD events.
  • Kevlar Kleen® Carrier Yarn.  Protects the operator's hands from cuts caused by circuit board edges, leads, and other sharp objects.  Absorbs oils and other contaminants produced by operator's skin.
  • Seamless Fine Gauge Knit.  Designed for all-day wear allowing easy hand movement and a high level of tactile sensitivity.
  • Durable Construction.  Will retain ESD and other properties for 25 washings or approximately one year.