K100LD Ultrapure Bar Solder Lead-Free, Priced and sold per pound, Individual Bar Size: 1.67 lbs. Formerly Kester PN 04-9574-

  • Manufacturer: Kester
  • Category: Bar Solder
  • Model # 44-9574-0050 (4495740050)
  • Pemro # KES-1127
  • $ 43.90/per pound
  • Available to Order

Minimum order quantity is 25

Must order in multiples of 25

K100LD is a eutectic Tin/Copper alloy with controlled metallic dopants to control the grain structure within the solder joint, and to minimize the dissolution of copper into the solder pot. K100LD virtually eliminates the occurrence of common defects such as icicling and bridging. The improved grain structure also results in shinier solder joints than traditional lead-free alloy alternatives.

• Low cost, lead-free alloy
• Bright, smooth solder joints with no visible shrinkage effects
• Excellent through-hole penetration and topside fillet
• Low dissolution of copper from boards and components into solder pot
• Eutectic alloy
• 20% Lower dross rate than Sn63Pb37 in laboratory tests
• Less corrosive to solder pots than SAC305

Physical Properties:
Melting Temperature: ~227°C (441°F)
Tensile Strength: 32 MPa (4600 psi)
Thermal Conductivity: 64 W/m-K
Electrical Resistivity: 13 Micro-Ohm-cm

Storage and Shelf Life:
Kester K100LD solder has no limited shelf life when handled properly. Storage must be in a dry, non-corrosive environment. The solder surface may lose its shine and appear a dull shade of gray. This is a surface phenomenon and is not detrimental to product functionality.