DA100-92A-T4-WS-LF-30g Dispense Paste IDH# 1394819

  • Manufacturer: Multicore
  • Model # M295136 (1394819)
  • Pemro # MUL-1319
  • Call for price (800) 440-5441
  • Available to Order

Multicore Solder Paste P/N M295136 (Flux-DA100, Type 4, Water Soluble Dispense, Lead-Free, Sn91.5Sb8.5, Metals 0.85). Price and package is in 30g Syringes. Alternate internal number is 1394819

DA100 is a dispensing grade solder paste intended for solder die-attach applications. It provides effective thermal control for copper leadframe power semiconductor devices, such as rectifiers, power transistors, and is suitable for automotive and consumer packages.

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