Sn63 HydroX .032 Wire Solder IDH #386818

  • Manufacturer: Multicore
  • Category: Solder Wire
  • Model # MM00989 (386818)
  • Pemro # MUL-1039
  • $ 22.32/per roll
  • In stock

SN63 Wire Solder, HX Flux, 3 Core, Diameter .032" (0.81mm)
Priced and sold per roll of .5 kg (1 lb)

Product Specifications:
Flux Type: Hydro-X
Alloy: Sn63 (63% Sn / 37% Pb)
Melting Point: 183º C (361º F)
Core: 3
Diameter: 0.81 mm / .032
Lead-Free (RoHS) or Includes Lead: Includes Lead

Hydro-X Water Soluble Flux Cored Solder Wire Properties:
• Rapid soldering of most difficult to solder parts
• Fast wetting
• Water washable, no need for added neutralisers
• No insoluble residues
• No spitting
• Residues must be removed

Hydro-X water soluble flux cored solder wires are suitable for use in normal hand soldering operations where the components have been assessed as being able to withstand the necessary washing procedures.