Isopropyl Alcohol-70%, 55G Plastic Drum USP/NF REAGENT Grades

  • Manufacturer: Pharmco-Greenfield
  • Model # 211USP/NFDM55
  • Pemro # AAP-1008
  • $2,026.63 $ 1,014.55/each
  • Available to Order

70% Pure Isopropyl Alcohol - 55 Gallon Poly Drum
Meets USP/NF REAGENT Monographs

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This product is considered a hazardous material and cannot ship air.

This product cannot be shipped to a residential location.

This product is large and must ship via LTL carrier. If requested we can ship this on your preferred LTL carrier to avoid a freight charge being added to your invoice.

Test Specification Typical Lot Analysis
Assay (by specific gravity of distillate) 0.950 - 0.955 0.953
Assay, by volume 68.0 - 72.0% 69.7%
Water 32-28% 30.3%
Specific Gravity @ 20ÂșC 0.872 - 0.883 0.8786
Color APHA 5 max 1
Identification (IR) Typical Pass
Acidity Not more than 1.0 ml of 0.02N NaOH required for neutralization 0.55 ml
Limit of Non-Volatile Residue NMT 5 mg 0.20 mg
Appearance Clear Clear

70% Isopropyl Alcohol SDS