Polyimide Tape - 3/8"

  • Brand  Argon Masking
  • Model #  PC500-0375
  • Pemro #  ARG-1004

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Product Information

Argon Polyimide Tape
Size: 3/8" × 36 Yards
Thickness: 2.5 Mil (1 Mil Polyimide Film, 1.5 Mil Silicone Adhesive)
Temperature Rating: 500ºF
Color: Transparent Amber

This polymide tape offers head resistance and excellent dielectric strength, removes cleanly without leaving a residue and is ideal for use in electrical insulation, gold leaf mask of printed circuit boards during wave soldering, transformer and capacitor insulation, or simply as a high temperature mask.

• Flame Resistant Electrical Insulation
• Wire and Cable Wrap
• Wire Bundling Termination
• Splicing of Hi-Temp Reflective Thermal Insulating Film
• Solder Mask for Circuit Boards
• Gold Leaf Mask During Wave Soldering