K100LD Ultrapure Bar Solder

  • Brand  Kester
  • Model #  04-9574-0050
  • Pemro #  KES-1127

$19.49 / per pound Available to Order

Product Information

Lead-Free K100LD Ultrapure Bar Solder
Priced per pound, Sold in multiples of 5 lbs.

Individual Bar Size: 1-2/3 lbs (1.67 lb each) (ex: 5 lbs = 3 bars)

• Low cost, lead-free alloy
• Bright, smooth solder joints with no visible shrinkage effects
• Excellent through-hole penetration and topside fillet
• Low dissolution of copper from boards and components into solder pot
• Eutectic alloy
• 20% Lower dross rate than Sn63Pb37 in laboratory tests
• Less corrosive to solder pots than SAC305

Physical Properties:
Melting Temperature: ~227°C (441°F)
Tensile Strength: 32 MPa (4600 psi)
Thermal Conductivity: 64 W/m-K
Electrical Resistivity: 13 Micro-Ohm-cm

Storage and Shelf Life:
Kester K100LD solder has no limited shelf life when handled properly. Storage must be in a dry, non-corrosive environment. The solder surface may lose its shine and appear a dull shade of gray. This is a surface phenomenon and is not detrimental to product functionality.

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