WS300-SAC305-T3-WS-LF-500g Paste

  • Brand  Multicore
  • Model #  M00733
  • Pemro #  MUL-1159

$89.00 / per jar Available to Order

Product Information

Multicore Solder Paste P/N M00733 (Flux-WS300, Type 3, Water Soluble, Lead-Free, Sn96.5Ag3.0Cu0.5, Metals 0.87). Price and package is in 500g Jars. Alternate internal number is 1354291

WS300™ is a lead-free water washable solder paste for printing and reflow in air or nitrogen atmospheres where process yield is critical. WS300™ solder paste offers excellent open time and good soldering activity over a wide range of reflow profiles and surface finishes. WS300™ is available with 96SC & 97SC SnAgCu alloys. Other Pb-free alloys may be available on request.

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