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Hi Temp Masking Tape, 1" x 60YDS

Desco 81262/Pemro # DES-1847

$7.53 $7.49/ea

In stock

ESD Form-Fitting Glove, Large

Desco 68122/Pemro # DES-1669

$5.64 $5.61/ea

In stock

ESD Form-Fitting Glove, XL

Desco 68123/Pemro # DES-1670

$5.64 $5.61/ea

In stock

Toe, Foot Grounder with Resistor

Desco 17222/Pemro # DES-1505

$12.78 $12.70/ea

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3-Ring Static Dissipative ESD Binder,2"

Desco 07415/Pemro # DES-1035


In stock

Reztore Topical Anti-Stat, 1 Quart

Desco 10415/Pemro # DES-1197

$13.40 $13.32/ea

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Reztore Topical AntiStat, 2.5 Gal Box

Desco 10418/Pemro # DES-1198

$98.50 $95.52/ea

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Statguard Floor Stripper, 5G

Desco 10442/Pemro # DES-1203


Available to Order

Static Dissipative Floor Finish, 5G

Desco 10512/Pemro # DES-1206


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Black Conductive Floor Mat, 1/2"x24"x36"

Desco 40930/Pemro # DES-1584

$129.28 $125.36/ea

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